Nothing Better Ch16 Pgs 27-29

Hey! I know I'm a terrible person. I really thought I'd have more time to devote to working on more Nothing Better pages. These have been done for a couple months and even waiting to post for a week or two.

I'm still cranking on my Ritalin/ADHD book and just starting a project with my wife for Lerner Publishing/Graphic Universe. So once again it's about going where the money is. Add in two kids and there just isn't much time there, much less the energy.

I am toying with the idea of publishing the first part of Volume 3 on its own. Just chapters 13-15 gives you almost 150 pages of story so it wouldn't be a slim book. I'll have to think on that and see if I can spare the expense.

While it might be long stretches between updates I'm not going to just stop working on Nothing Better. I have all of Volume 3 outline/scripted so I'd like to at least get through that.

We'll see.

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Unknown said...

Hey, I love seeing updates, no matter how far apart they are. Always worth the wait. Glad you're not going to forget about these characters.