Nothing Better Ch 16 Pgs 35-45

WHOAH! An update. Everything that happens in this batch of pages is related to things that happened previously in chapter 16 so you might want to go back and re-read that stuff to refresh your memory. Also - Nothing Better is now on Tumblr if you want to follow it there too!

So... does this mean the comic is back? I have no idea. I'm not even sure who's reading this or who has been waiting for it. I jumped back into these pages because I finished Raised on Ritalin, the project that kind of sidelined NB. The good news is Raised on Ritalin is done and I'm running a Kickstarter to get it printed. (Think about supporting that if you're interested.)

I like having things to work on so I picked up the script for Chapter 16 and jumped back in. I like working with these characters and with this process, but I've also been making some essay-type comics I'm having fun with.

At this point I think my only certain dedication is in finishing out Chapter 16. Once that's in the can I'll just have to see where I'm at. Ideally I'd like to finish all of Volume 3 as I originally wrote it. I also have an outline for a story that takes place during the summer after the character's first year of college that I'd really like to do. Maybe that will happen some day.

For now it will probably continue like this - I'll work on pages in and around the other projects I've got going on, and post them once there's a good chunk.