Nothing Better Ch19 pgs 13-24

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This is probably not "The End" but rather "an end." I have at least one more major story arc in mind for these characters, about their first summer after college. Thank you to everyone who's been reading the comic from the beginning and everyone else who has jumped in along the way. A print edition of Volume 4 will be available soon!

Back when I started this comic my original intention was to follow the characters through their first year of college, at a minimum. In fact, Nothing Better started out as a floppy print comic that was going to come out every 6 weeks. At the time, I made that decision based on trying to raise and maintain my visibility as an independent creator in the comics field. And while I could handle the production schedule I quickly realized the ongoing financial needs were beyond me. I was on the cusp of getting married and starting a family so wracking up more debt wasn't a (reasonable) option.

So I did the responsible thing and put it online. Only the first two chapters appeared as issues #1 and #2 in print (and interestingly enough, I was told my a couple retailers at the time that the initial order on the first issue was more than the first issue of Bone by Jeff Smith!). In any case, putting the comic online and then collecting it into books periodically has allowed me to continue working on the comic at my own pace. Who knew it would take me 13 years to move these kids through 9 months of classes?!

I've got a couple other projects in mind I've been waiting to do, including re-teaming with my wife on a kid-focused comic project. I'm guessing I'll get back to these characters at some point as they're a lot of fun to write for.

Thanks for reading!

minneapolis, feb 2018.