Nothing Better Ch16 Pg 17

Darby finally musters up the courage to deliver his gift!

I want to clarify a point I tried to make the other day that generated this anonymous passive-aggressive comment:

I'm not whining, I don't need a hug, and this isn't sour grapes. I was pointing out that because NB doesn't help me pay bills or buy clothes or food for my children, it ends up being low on my list of priorities, work-wise. When paying comics/illustration work comes along, that gets priority for obvious reasons.

It would be great if you as my readers felt inclined to support NB financially. If you've enjoyed the more regular posts recently, becoming a Patreon patron would be an excellent way to show your support. That avenue didn't really exist before as a means of support. Now it does. I will keep making NB one way or the other, but you have a chance to influence how often that happens.

Finally, regarding the 'sloppier' accusation: 'sloppy' implies a lack of care or attention, which isn't the case. I may be drawing the comic differently but I'm still doing so with care. I finished up Chapter 15 in the old style, but as I noted when Chapter 16 started, I just needed a fresh approach to the comic to keep my interest level up. I will continue experimenting if need be.

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Guy Serle said...

Well I enjoy the comic and have since I first discovered it a few years ago. Do I like the newer art style? Not particularly, but if it was only about the art, the strip wouldn't still be around after all this time. It's the engaging story and characters that I like and why I keep coming back. You are very talented and I appreciate the work you put into this and I hope you keep it going for a long time.