Nothing Better Ch16 Pg 15

A party is on the horizon. I feel like I've traded drawing crowded cafeteria backgrounds for drawing crowded party scenes.

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Anonymous said...

Is it too late to say, "Please go back to drawing the comic properly"?

chris-w said...

Is it too late to say "What a total a$$wipe you are, Anonymous!"?

I bet that comment is the main reason there's no option to post a comment anymore without signing into something.

20632cd2-1f23-11e4-9d13-4374e5ef38c0 said...

Hi Tyler,

The Next link is missing from this page. Almost all of the Previous buttons and the first few Next buttons in Chapter 16 spawn new tables.

Thanks for the comics,

Bry said...

Honestly, I liked the old art style better, but then again, I'm not the person who does the drawing. In the end, I don't have to feel satisfied by my own work here, so while I'm entitled to my opinion to say I prefer the old art style, I also recognize that it's not my right to expect things to change because I said something.

(For the record, I am NOT the anonymous person who commented earlier)